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Summer 2019 Tech Bar Training

It’s Summer Tech Bar Conference Time. We believe that we have a fantastic conference setup for everyone!

Use the Tech Bar Conference App to sign up for the training. Information on how and where to sign up is below. (You will have to give the App permission to your Google Account, it was developed directly by us so it is safe and we will not be sharing your data with 3rd parties)

*More information at the bottom of this post on permissions used in this application

How To Sign Up

  • Follow the link on the button below to go to the Tech Bar Conference App
  • Click the Register button to add yourself
  • You can register for sessions you cannot physically attend and watch them after the videos are up. We would like to know if people watched the sessions
  • You don’t need to remove yourself (but you can) even if you miss the session since we are recording them
  • Please contact if you have any issues or questions

What We Offer

  • Lunch for attendees again this year…Taco Bar! Please register for the lunch session before June 27th so we have an accurate headcount.
  • The ability to register and unregister for sessions you want with the session being added to your calendar
  • Demo Area where you can try out Virtual and Augmented Reality, the Jamboard, and learn about our Domains initiative from students.
  • Recordings of all of the sessions available after the event to go back over what you did or for those who cannot attend in person
  • Use the #snctechbar hashtag for those who want to Tweet
  • Sessions that serve teaching/learning and the business side of the college.
  • More hands-on and deeper learning opportunities


Important Things to Remember

  1. Please, please register for the lunch session before June 27th. We need to have our lunch count done before break for Conference and Events
  2. Register for sessions ahead of time. We need to know how many people to expect in person.
  3. If you plan to watch the video of the event, please also register for the event. We will be sending out feedback forms so we can try to serve you better and we want to be able to include those of you who choose the video format as well.
  4. Please bring a laptop if you have one



App Permissions

Calendar Access is used in this app allow it to add/remove/change schedule information in Google Calendar.
Directory is used to get your email address to send everything to the correct account.
External Source is the database that our data is stored in. It is a Google Cloud SQL database that we manage.
Gmail is required in order for us to be able to add/remove guests to our calendar invites for each session.

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