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Who are we?

The Tech Bar is a place that students, faculty, and staff visit (sometimes virtually) to develop digital skills and competencies. We have both student workers and full time staff to help anyone with things like learning to use Google, creating a website, learning to make a video or do a screencast, create digital maps, learn spreadsheets, data security or really anything in the digital world. Any student, faculty or staff member can either walk-in or make an appointment. Further, we also put on staff/faculty training two times per year in winter and summer at a Tech Bar Conference where we go hands on with the amazing processes and tools we have here at SNC.

What can we do for you?

Welcome to the St. Norbert College Tech Bar!  Are you a student or faculty member looking for help with digital skills or projects?  We can help!  We consult in a variety of technologies:


We can help you set up your own free website through Domain of One's Own or help with a site you have already created


We can help you put together various products through GIS such as a story map or journal

Video Production

We can help you put together a video using WeVideo or give you tips on how to improve your videos


We can give you tips and tricks on how to use technology to improve productivty in your life. This can include using various Google products


We can give you tips and tricks on how to stay organized using technology. This can include using various Google products.

Digital Graphical Media

We can assist you with making various digital graphical media using programs such as Canva

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