Increase your digital skills and literacies

What can we do for you?

Welcome to the St. Norbert College Tech Bar!  Are you a student or faculty member looking for help with digital skills or projects?  We can help!  We consult in a variety of technologies:

  • Saint Norbert College encourages the use of Google, Adobe photoshop, canva, and other similar applications. We can assist students in getting started with any of these tools.

  • Thinking of starting a Vlog, making a video, or want to experiment with more creative project ideas? We can help you get started using this free video tool.

  • Need a blog or portfolio for class? WordPress is a great tool for that! You can house it on your own subdomain from St. Norbert! Having your own domain provides you with your own niche of the internet.

  • With how digitized the world is, it is important to understand the basic skills of your digital identity and how to market yourself for future jobs once you obtain and realize these skills.

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