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How to Print Comments in Word

*Originally published on Natasha Igl’s domain by Natasha.

If you have Dr. Pennington as a professor, you need to know how to do this.  The only way to revise papers is by providing track changes and comments in word.  Without them, the revision will not be accepted.

How to Print Comments from Word

  • Download your Google doc as a Word File
  • Enable editing
  • Go to Review tab
  • Select “Show Markup” (near Track Changes)
    • Double check that there is a mark next to “Comments”
    • Select “Balloons”
    • Click “Show Revisions in Balloons”
  • Go to File
  • Select Print
  • At bottom of page, select “Page Setup”
    • Go to “Paper” then “Print Options”
    • On the right, click “Advanced”
    • Scroll down to Document Content
      • double check that “Show Drawings and Text Boxes” is checked
    • Scroll down to Print
      • double check that “Allow field containing track changes to update before printing” is checked
    • Go to (or wherever you print from) and upload file
    • No matter where you print from, this should work (fingers crossed)

I do know that if you are using the online version of Word or the Word app on chromebook, it will not work.  You will have to work it out with Dr. Pennington at that point.

Another thing you can do is take screenshots of the Google revision history, but that can get weird and cumbersome. I do not recommend this route.

Either way, good luck!

Source: How to Print Comments in Word