Most frequent questions and answers

Our hours vary depending on the time of the year. We are typically open during the academic year from 10:00am to 4:00pm on weekdays. You can always see our bookable appointment hours when scheduling an appointment.

You can make an appointment for the Tech Bar here. This link can also be found on our home page.

No, you do not need to. In fact, we welcome walk-ins; however, if you schedule your appointment ahead of time, you can make sure the staff member that is working has the correct skills for your appointment.

Note: At this time we are only taking virtual appointments, so making an appointment is necessary

Domains of One’s Own is a project started by the University of Mary Washington that let every student create their own free domain. We wanted have this same opportunity for everyone at St. Norbert so we started knight.domains. You can read more our Domain of One’s Own initiative here.

We can help with but aren’t limited to the following programs:

  • Google Products
  • WeVideo
  • WordPress
  • Canva
  • GIS Mapping

Yes. A lot of the services we have are not as intimidating as they sound. Creating a domain? Once we get you started, you will see it isn’t as difficult as it seems.